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Cornell Survey Research Institute

Cornell Survey Research Institute (SRI) has provided survey research, data collection, and analysis services since 1996 to a wide range of academic, nonprofit, governmental, and corporate clientele. SRI conducts two polls annually, the New York State Empire State Poll (ESP) and the Cornell National Social Survey (CNSS). Both are omnibus polls and allow researchers an easy way of obtaining state and national level public opinion data.

The Empire State Poll is a first-of-its-kind annual general survey of adults, age 18 and over, who are residents of New York State. The Empire State Poll is conducted in the spring of each year. The first ESP was conducted in 2003. The ESP is a combination of an annual core of workplace, community, governmental, economic, media measures, omnibus modules, and special topical issue questions. Approximately 800 statewide interviews are conducted each year.

Cornell National Social Survey is an omnibus survey initiated by the Office of the Senior Vice Provost in 2008. The objective of this initiative is to offer researchers at Cornell University an opportunity to collect survey data on a national random sample of 1,000 adults in the continental United States. The survey contains a small core of demographic questions, with all remaining questions being generated by Cornell researchers.

More information can be found at the Institute’s website.

Cornell Survey Research Institute is now a Roper Center data provider.

The Roper Center is proud to announce that Cornell SRI’s important body of work is now available to our research community. The first dataset has been added to the collection and is listed below. More polls from these and other Cornell SRI projects will be added over the coming year.

Dataset Collection



Decade and Datasets:

2010s – 9

2000s – 3

Recent Acquisitions

Cornell National Social Survey 2017 [31115029]