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September 11, 2001 surveys from days following the attack

September 11, 2001 New York City clouded in smoke

These polls, taken in the days immediately following the September 11th attacks, reveal the public’s personal reactions to the events, their fears about the future, and their views about what actions government should take in response. The datasets and codebooks for these valuable studies are made available free of charge as a service to our users.


Title NBC News Terrorism Poll
Date September 12, 2001
Topline Results Adobe pdf document 12KB
Codebook Adobe pdf document 102KB
Data Download raw data file 32KB
  Download SPSS file 48KB
Title NBC News & The Wall Street Journal
New York City/Pentagon Terrorist Attacks
Date September 15-16, 2001
Topline Results Adobe pdf document 28KB
Codebook Adobe pdf document 117KB
Data Download raw data file 350KB
  Download SPSS file 113KB